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Snagged from trouble841

Comment and I will pick five of your interests that I'd like to know more about.

Here's what trouble841 wanted to know more about:

vw bugs
orange lemonade
felt-tip pens (ok, I already know you have a school supply fetish, but what the heck)
lots of things

vw bugs: My dream car has always been a convertible bug - the original style, not the new one.  Cherry red with a black top, or very pale yellow with a cream top.

orange lemonade: My Nana used to make this every summer when I was a kid.  She somehow combined fresh-squeezed lemon juice, fresh-squeezed orange juice, water, sugar and ice into the most delicious beverage I have ever tasted.  I tried all summer long this year to make it, but never did get the ratios quite right.  It was good, for sure, but just not quite the same.

felt-tip pens: I love writing with them.  I have them in 10 different colors and use them for everything at work.  I've tried using them at home, but the damned kids keep stealing them.  Since I started using them, I hate writing with anything else.

lots of things: Hah!  I added this one on when I got tired of thinking of things to list as interests.  I originally thought, "heck with listing all of them, I'll just put that," but figured that would be kinda boring.

pistachios: Oh man, I love pistachios.  I could eat them until I get sick (actually I think I have, several times!)  I was an adult before I knew that they weren't actually red.  I guess I never really thought about it... Nana and Baba just always bought the red ones, so I assumed that was their natural color.  I remember eating so many as a kid that my fingers would be stained red for days.



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Oct. 6th, 2007 03:05 am (UTC)
Hi, d id you get my invite to our halloween party?
Oct. 8th, 2007 03:38 pm (UTC)
I did! Thank you! We're still trying to figure out what all we're doing this month. Now that we have two kids in school, I think that birthday parties have taken over our lives. Definitely want to come, though!

Oh... and of your interests, I wanna know about:

dance dance revolution
duct tape
Oct. 8th, 2007 07:37 pm (UTC)
Well, I dont think I've edited my interests in 6 years to be honest. :-) Sweetie is our cat. Mercury is the element my husband specializes in at work. I thought DDR was cool 6 years ago... duct tape is always cool, and so are good ideas. :-)
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