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Jonny Phone Home

On Saturday I learned that Jonny not only knows his home phone number, but can dial it on his own.  He and Gracie were at my mom and dad's house Saturday morning, and Jonny called me.  Mom swears she didn't help him at all.  He's been very interested in phone numbers for different people/places lately... interesting to know that our home phone number stuck without me officially "teaching" it to him.

In other Jonny amusement, Mom called while we were on the way to her house this morning, and Jonny grabbed my cell phone and answered it.  After saying "hello" and figuring out it was his Nana on the phone he said, "We're coming to your house.  Are you ready for some JON-NAY?!" in this psychotic voice that could only come from a five year old.

My child is weird.