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Yesterday, I packed myself my first ever bento!  I'm kinda bummed that I didn't take a picture of it.  I found a really cool bento box at Kohls last week.  It's not really meant to hold food at all, but it works perfectly!  It's a "stackables" container that has four square tiers plus a lid.  Each tier is about 5" square and maybe an inch or so deep.  The tiers lock onto each other and onto the lid, so you can use as few or as many tiers as you like.  One of the tiers has a divider down the center, which comes in quite handy for keeping things separated.  For yesterday and today, three tiers have been perfect for lunch plus my afternoon snack.

This is gonna sound totally goofy, but I'm having soooo much fun packing my lunches this way.  I can't wait to start packing school lunches for Jonny and Gracie!  thejenn1 said she'd look for bento boxes for them while she's in San Jose this week.  If that doesn't work out, I'm sure we'll come up with something.

When I got to work yesterday, one of my coworkers spied my lunchbox and said, "Wow - that looks really Asian!"  At lunchtime, a group of us were eating together and Kim (who is half Japanese) said, "You packed a bento!"  So hey - at least it was recognizable as a bento to someone other than me!  :-)

Kim went on to describe how her grandmother used to pack bentos in these really beautiful boxes and wrap them with gorgeous scarves that she then tied around a stick for carrying.  Too cool!

Okay yes, I'm weird - but I'm pretty sure I'm becoming a bento addict!

Top tier: baby spinach and a silicone cup of homemade raspberry vinaigrette
Middle tier - left side: sliced grilled chicken breast, raspberries, and a silicone cup of lowfat feta cheese with a raspberry tucked in the center, all of which got added to the baby spinach to make a salad for lunch
Middle tier - right side: whole wheat pita cut into wedges
Bottom tier: orange segments (for dessert) and a Kashi TLC crunchy granola bar (for my afternoon snack)

Top tier: homemade broccoli-cheese soup (lowfat, but it was a little thin... need to tweak the recipe)
Middle tier: two silicone cups of Triscuit Thin Crips and a sliced Asian pear
Bottom tier: watermelon balls (for my afternoon snack)



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Aug. 22nd, 2007 03:01 am (UTC)
very cool! I love Bentos but I want other people do to it for me. ha ha. :-)
Aug. 23rd, 2007 02:59 am (UTC)
LOL - I kinda thought that at first, too. You should try it. I'm finding it to be quite enjoyable, which is funny, because I've always hated packing my lunch.
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