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I love my family

So I called my mom around 5:00 to see whether they could pick up the kids, because I'm taking tomorrow off for Jonny's birthday and still had a ton of work to do.  Mom said sure, no problem.  Said just to call when I was on my way.

I left work around 6:00, still not caught up and sporting a massive headache from this sinus infection that has been brewing for over a week and seems to have finally taken hold.  I called - Dad answered the phone, said the kids were eating dinner and asked if I was on my way.  I said I was walking to the car and I'd be there soon.

About the time I got on 670, he called back.  "You're not feeling good?" he asked.  Mom must of told him about the sinus infection (I'd griped to her about it earlier in the day).  He said, "Why don't you just go home and try to lay down for a bit.  I'll bring the kids home later.  I'm sure Nana will give them a bath and everything, so they'll be about ready for bed by the time I bring them home."

Yes, they occasionally annoy the piss outta me, but by and large, my family really is wonderful.

Off to take advantage of my empty house and grab a nap!  Yay!



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Jul. 24th, 2007 03:07 am (UTC)
Trying hard not to be too jealous about the fact that your kids have grandparents right here in town.

Oh what I'd give...
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