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January 17th, 2010

But it's so warm and relaxing in here!

Not more than 10 seconds after I posted this:

Sera created shit stew in the bathtub. Nothing like a nice warm tub to get things moving. What I find most amazing is that stuff like this doesn't even phase me anymore. I get the babies out, clean out the tub (a cat scoop is quite handy in situations like these), run new water, give the babies a quick re-wash, done. Yes, this happens far more frequently than it probably should in our house. The hazards of letting a baby with poop issues* play in the tub, instead of just washing her and getting her the fuck out.

Apologies for the crappy (har!) image quality. Had to use paint, because I can't find my case for Photoshop Elements, and therefore don't have the serial number, and my trial version has expired. Guess it's time to call Adobe.

Also - yes, I put the girls in the tub and leave the room. I also sometimes sleep in and let my 7-year old feed everyone pizza for breakfast. Right now, I'm hiding in my bedroom and can hear Reagan and Sera downstairs playing in the recycling bin (and by playing I mean gleefully distributing milk jugs and beer cans all over the kitchen). I'm aiming for Badparent of the Year Decade.

* UNSOLICITED ADVICE: Got a constipated baby? Put her in a tub full of warm water about chest-high. Let her play around for awhile, or if you're in a hurry, massage her belly. Either way, prepare for the mudslide. Gross, but works every time!