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Deciphering Baby Codes

Pixie is still breech, and Dixie is breech again.  Had my 38w appointment with Dr. Jenkins yesterday, and there they both were - heads side-by-side at the top of my abdomen.  Dr. J didn't say, but as best I could tell, they're both footling.  They're definitely not Frank (neither had feet up by his/her head), and I'm pretty sure neither one was curled into full-breech position. 

After some discussion, we decided it would be best not to have Dr. J check my cervix, due to the potential to start labor and force an emergency c/s.  So, no idea if I'm any closer to getting this show on the road.  The interesting thing is that when Dr. J checked me at my 37w appointment, he found me to be 3cm.  However, when I saw the midwives the following week, Abby said I was 50% effaced, but not really dilated at all.  Not sure how that's possible... I guess it could have something to do with the babies continually shifting positions, and putting more or less pressure on my cervix at any given time.

The good news(?) is that no one is anywhere near my pelvis, and apparently there's still plenty of room to move around in there, so there's still a chance that one could flip vertex and get their head engaged. 

The question is... how much longer can I stay on this emotional roller coaster?

I had a long talk with Abby on the way home from my appointment, and we talked about the possibility of moving my scheduled c/s date up to next week, in order to increase the likelihood that I would have Dr. Jenkins.  Abby seems to think that at this point, that might be the best route to take, since the idea of having anyone other than Dr. Jenkins sends me into high-stress mode.  Which is true, but I think that scheduling the surgery prior to 40w makes me stress even more.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about what these babies might be trying to tell me...

- Maybe Dixie flipped back to breech to clue me in that trying to birth the first baby (Pixie) breech would be a bad idea.
- Maybe they're both breech because, for whatever reason, one or both of them won't be able to tolerate labor and vaginal birth.
- Maybe they're both breech because they're just not quite ready to come out yet.

It's that last one that nags at me.  I mean yes, they are definitely full-term.  Other than maybe a couple of days on either side, there is no question about my dates.  However, some babies *do* need longer to cook, or normal gestation wouldn't be up to 42 weeks.  Maybe that's the case with these two?  I don't know - there's just something about cutting them out of the womb before I go into labor that seems utterly WRONG to me.  If there were some indication that they needed to be out, than absolutely, but so far, there's not.

I guess all I can do right now is go with my gut, and my gut is telling me to leave the scheduled c/s date where it is (July 28 - 40w4d), and give the babies more time. 

In the soul-searching I've done over the last 24 hours, I realized that in my heart, I've already let go of the possibility of a home birth.  Letting go of natural birth is harder, but I've always been ok with having a surgical birth if the situation warrants it once I go into labor.  Scheduling a surgical birth before I'm sure the babies are ready, though, is not something I'm prepared to do. 


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Jul. 12th, 2008 05:25 pm (UTC)
I really feel for you. It's a hard place to be sitting in, and no crystal ball to help. And there's the natural feeling of 'let's get this over and done with so I know it all turned out okay'. Waiting is so hard.

I had two births with Kelly & Nina from Choice. One home birth, one 'you need to be in the hospital' with less than a day to prepare myself for that.

Right now you've done your homework and formulated several different options for you and the babies. There's a confidence and peace that comes from that. But now you've been presented with a new option that sounds so wrong to you. My heart goes out to you, I can relate to how that feels.

As long as you have to play the waiting game, use the time to listen to your heart and the babies. And know that you're in my thoughts.

Jul. 13th, 2008 01:54 am (UTC)
Thank you.
Jul. 13th, 2008 09:38 am (UTC)
Having even a smidge of labour is a good thing for the babes, so going past 40wks and having even niggly contractions is good for their lungs and GI tract. Is there a plan for if you do go into labour before scheduled date?
Jul. 13th, 2008 02:04 pm (UTC)
Having even a smidge of labour is a good thing for the babes, so going past 40wks and having even niggly contractions is good for their lungs and GI tract.

Yep - that's yet another reason why I don't want to schedule the c/s in the absence of any indication that they need to come out before labor begins. I was willing to schedule it for 40w4d only because I've never gone past 39w with any of my previous pregnancies, so I figured that the likelihood of going that long with twins was pretty slim.

If labor starts prior to the scheduled date, I'll alert both the midwives and my OB, and likely head to the hospital pretty quickly. We'll check the babies' positions and condition and go from there. If someone's head has engaged - woohoo! - we're on for vaginal birth. If not, I'd like to labor as long as possible, and not head into surgery unless one of the babies shows signs of trouble, or a presenting part other than a head drops into my pelvis.

The latter will probably take a fair amount of negotiating, but I think that I can get Dr. Jenkins on board as long as I agree to precautions that will make him more comfortable (hep lock, place - but not start - the epidural, labor in the OR, etc.) Is that the birth scenario I was hoping for? No. But if that's what it takes to give the babies the benefits of labor, and every possible chance to be born vaginally, I have no problem with any of it.
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