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I'm tired and cranky and I can't sleep.  Ugh.  And now I've reached that time of night where I wonder if I wouldn't be better off just hopping in the shower and starting my day, rather than make any further attempt to catch some Z's.  Think I'll just post a bunch of random stuff instead...


I'm completely disappointed that a friend started giving her son formula before they even left the hospital, and he was nursing so well!  Apparently he had jaundice (what baby doesn't?), and a nurse told her that the only way to get rid of it is to feed him formula every three hours.  What the hell?  I know that some nurses say some really stupid shit in the hospital, but that is just... beyond.  And I think the part that aggravates me even more is that she just blindly believed the nurse!  She has two women (me and another friend) in her corner who have collectively breastfed for nearly 10 years total.  Both of us are very open about it.  Hell, when I visited her in the hospital the day after her baby was born, she asked me to help her get him latched on!  Why wouldn't she call either me or the other friend just to say, "Hey, does this sound right to you?"

But here's the thing... it doesn't even seem to bother her.  I mean, she was always on the "I'll give it a try" end of the spectrum, but I really thought that once she experienced nursing, she would find a firmer resolve.  Sadly, I don't think she even realizes that introducing a bottle and formula every three hours two days after the baby is born is darned near guaranteed to tank breastfeeding.  *sigh*


I'm becoming increasingly... concerned... about the birth of these two babies.  The automatic "high risk" classification is driving me batty.   Ok, sure, the ultrasounds at every appointment are fun, but just thinking about how things will go with labor in the hospital makes me want to throw up.  So, Lee and I are exploring options.  Or well, I'm exploring options, and he's going along for the ride... grousing a bit along the way.  I know that, ultimately, he'll very likely go along with whatever I want... but what I really want is for him to be a part of the decision-making process, and for him to understand why this is so important not only for me, but for our babies.

Currently we're leaning towards laboring at home with a doula (if we can find one that we both click with) for as long as possible, then heading to the hospital at essentially the last minute - hopefully just in time to "catch," but not enough time to hook me up to eleventy billion monitors and tubes and wires.  That would solve the "me and babies in labor" part of the equation, but it likely won't allow for what I know is best for the babies after they're born... immediate skin-to-skin contact, making their way to my breasts, not cutting the cord until well after it stops pulsing, not disturbing them with exams and eye goop and weighing and measuring and all the other nonsense that can absolutely wait an hour or so (or not happen at all) while they adjust to their new environment.

We have an appointment with a midwife in a couple of weeks.  Yes - we're actually considering a home birth with twins.  *GASP*  When did I become so crunchy?  ;-)

The way I see it, my options are to fight like hell to have a normal birth in the hospital, or get the fuck out of the hospital.  I'm leaning HARD towards the latter.  We'll see what happens once we've actually met and had discussions with a few midwives.


Asha was stolen from our yard on Thursday.  Yes, you read that right - someone stole our dog.  Who does that?!  Lee left her outside when he went to pick the kids up from school.  When he got back about an hour later, both of her collars (one for the electric fence, and one with her tags on it) were laying next to our garage, and she was nowhere to be found.  She's crafty, but no way she managed to get out of both her collars by herself - someone snatched her.

I went straight to the Franklin County Animal Shelter from work, without much hope.  Of course, she wasn't there.  I filled out a little card and explained to a couple of people what happened.  They didn't have any more hope than I did.

Lo and behold - I got a call on Monday.  Animal control had brought in a brussels griffon over the weekend.  It was her!  She was found just over 13 miles from our house, in Westerville.  The only thing I can think is that she must have gotten away from whoever took her - she couldn't have gotten that far on her own.  If whomever took her tried to put her in a fenced-in yard, I guarantee she got away.  She has a vertical jump of around 8'.  It's crazy.

The really annoying part of all this is that I'm pretty sure one of our neighbors had something to do with it.  A few weeks ago, someone kept calling the humane society on us because they felt we were leaving Asha out in the cold too long.  She has shelter out there (under our porch initially, but we've since purchased a doghouse), and at least 75% of the time the goofy dog will NOT come in the house.  When we told CAHS this, they gave really helpful suggestions like, "you have the bigger brain - you're going to have to just chase her down and get her to come in; coax her into the house with yummy treats like hot dogs and cheese."  Um, no.  I don't go out of the way to convince my *kids* to come into the house when I think they might be cold.  I'm certainly not going to chase a dog around the house.  If she's too stupid to come into the house when I'm holding the door open, calling her, and it's 15 degrees outside... well, the only solution I can come to is that she likes it out there.  :-P

Anyway, we have one busy-body neighbor who once proudly told me about how she called CPS on one of the families on our street.  Not out of any true, heartfelt concern for the kids.  No, she primarily just seemed to want to punish them for using her as "free babysitting service" because she was always outside watching her own kids, and these other parents left their kids outside all day and never came out to check on them (noticing a theme here?)

After Asha was stolen, I sent an email to the three people on the street I have addresses for, one of them being the busy-body, to let them know what happened and ask if maybe they saw anything.  Two out of three of them responded.  Wanna guess which one *didn't* respond?  Yeah.  Then when she saw that Asha was back, she kind of did a double-take, but didn't say a word to either me or Lee.  Suspicious, methinks.


By the way, we're pretty sure we know the sexes. 

Two girls.  Doc said "don't take it to the bank," but he was pretty certain.  I have another ultrasound tomorrow, and a 4D ultrasound scheduled for later this month, so we'll know with absolute certainty soon enough.  It's weird to think about two girls, because I've been *positive* that it's a boy and a girl all along.  I've had quite a few dreams about it - one just the other night, a few days *after* we found out it's two girls.  So... we'll see.


Good gravy, this heartburn just might kill me.  I'm taking Zantac twice a day, and still waking up and popping Tums most nights.  I'm also adding regular doses of benefiber to my morning and evening beverages, as well as popping the occasional stool softener, because seriously - shitting bowling pins is just no fun.  My poor digestive system is probably screaming, "What do you want from me?!" but every time I try to take one of the remedies out of the mix, I pay dearly for it.  Whee... pregnancy is fun!


American Idol is a total load of crap this year.  Ok, it kind of has been for awhile, but this year it's especially offensive.  Ryan Seacrest is an absolute tool.  I'm completely incapable of watching the show real-time, because if I can't fast forward through his schtick, I find myself having uncontrollable urges to stab my eyes out with corn skewers.  And the judges!  Are you kidding me?  I'm convinced Randy is either tone deaf, or he's decided that calling singers "pitchy" makes him sound like he knows what he's talking about.  At least 90% of the time, the singer was not off-pitch.  They may have sucked ass, but they were on key.  Paula continues to be unable to form a coherent sentence, but it's not even fun anymore, because she keeps spewing out the same thing over and over again: "You're so unique!  Rainbows!  Puppies!  Where's my bong?"  Simon is the only one that makes a lick of sense, and if I were him I'd be ready to toss Ryan and Paula off a cliff.

And what the hell is up with Carly Smithson's stylist?  I can't stand her, and really wish she would get voted off already, but in the meantime, could they stop making her look like a hideous cow?  In the packages, when she's done her own makeup and is wearing her normal clothes, she looks good.  She's not traditionally pretty, but she's kinda striking... certainly not ugly.  However, every time she gets on stage she looks puffy and misshapen and generally awful.  What the hell was she wearing tonight?  A blue lamé trash bag?  With it gathered up around her neck the way it was, it kinda looked like one of those things you hang on the door and stuff grocery bags in.  And pink eye shadow?  Really?  Just stop it.

I adore David Cook and Jason Castro, so I will absolutely keep watching as long as they are on.  I'll probably continue watching for the train wrecks, too, 'cause I'm just and addict that way.  :-P


Alright - that's probably enough random nonsense to make up for a three week lapse in posting.  And it's now 4:19am.  Think I'll go sleep for two hours. 


Mar. 12th, 2008 02:09 pm (UTC)
For Rosie we had doctor/midwives from Crosswoods Women's Health, and they were **wonderful**; my natural birth plan was followed to the letter. At St. Anne's I labored in the birthing pool (absolute heaven) and had no IV or any nonsense, and we had skin to skin contact ASAP; they did have to monitor her for a second right after birth because her heartbeat kept slowing BADLY when I pushed but it really was a second. Nobody even mentioned formula or anything unecessary and she was nursing within 2 minutes of being born. Libby's birth was kinda traumatic so for Rosie we wanted a home-birth feel but with the machines close enough for true emergency, and that's exactly what we got, it was awesome :)

Edited at 2008-03-12 02:10 pm (UTC)
Mar. 12th, 2008 02:51 pm (UTC)
Yeah - I remember that you had a really awesome experience with Rosie. The problem is that I'm automatically "high risk" just because there's two in there. Based on my appointment this morning (which I'll post about shortly), my options are severely limited. I will truly have to fight my doctor (and the nurses, and whomever else is around) tooth and nail in order to even get out of bed, let alone get in a birthing pool.
Mar. 12th, 2008 03:20 pm (UTC)
I used the birthing tub at Grant with Maylie... I did not really find it that useful. When they made me get out, it was hard to get in tune with the contractions again. They won't let you actually birth the baby in the birthing tub either, and Grant is a lot more liberal than the other hospitals.
Mar. 12th, 2008 03:41 pm (UTC)
They're not 'supposed' to let you actually birth in the pool at St. Anne's, but my midwife and all the nurses hated that rule and had the attitude of "if it happens in the water oh well..." :-) They were actually rooting for us to birth in the pool, but I *really* needed a position/space change last minute and I can honestly say being on all fours on the bed felt much better at that point. My baby popped out literally 3 minutes and a few seconds after that position change, apparently she wanted out on dry land >;-P
Mar. 12th, 2008 03:59 pm (UTC)
That'd probably work if the baby pops out, but for those 1.5 hr long pushing marathon sessions, it'd probably be hard for them to say oops. I don't know, I won't have another hospital birth, that's for sure (well, not having more kids, I'm sure I'd get Anna's luck and get a 2 for one deal and 3 kids is enough for me, ha ha). My birth with Maylie left a lot to be desired to begin with (aside from the healthy baby which of course I'm happy about)