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50 Questions

If you are reading this, copy and post to your LJ.

Learn 50 things about your friends, and let them learn 50 things about you!

1. Do you like cheese?
Does a bear shit in the woods?

2. Have you ever smoked heroin?
No - yuck!

3. Do you own a gun?

4. Your favorite song?
Hah!  Yeah, right.  No way I could pick one.  Although for some reason, "Your Racist Friend" by TMBG has been getting stuck in my head a LOT lately.

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
Only if I there's something to be worried about.

6. What do you think of hot dogs?
I try not to.

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Sometimes coffee.  Usually water or juice, if I have time to juice something (which hasn't happened in a LONG time).

9. Can you do push ups?
Yes, but only at gunpoint.

11. What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
My engagement ring.  My Baba bought the diamond the day my mom was born.

12. Favorite hobby?
Making jewelry.

13. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
Don't know that I have one, but I generally don't have any trouble in that department.

14. Do you have A.D.D.?

15. What one trait do you hate about yourself?
I don't hate anything about myself.

16. Middle Name?

17. Name 3 things going on at this exact moment.
Someone across the office is laughing very loudly, I'm IMing with dazeoff55, the sun is streaming through my office window.

18. Name the last 3 things you have bought?'
beads, tickets to Sesame Street Live, wings from BW-3's

19. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink?
water, coffee, juice

20. Current worry right now?
Levi's arm (although he seems completely fine), my ultrasound on 12/17 (hard to breathe easy until you've seen the heartbeat)

21. Current hate?
The "debunkify" commercials.  "Debunkify" is NOT a word, dammit!

22. Favorite place to be?
In my lovely, lovely new king size bed with the fabulous fuzzy blanket I bought for it.

23. How did you bring in the New Year?
Um - it's nearly December.  Do you really think I remember that far back?  Honestly, I don't think I was even awake at midnight this year, let alone celebrating.

24. Where would you like to go?
L.A. to visit Bradleah.

25. Name three people who will complete this and return.
No idea - whomever else is trying to kill time on a Friday afternoon at work, probably.

26. Do you own slippers?
Yes, but I never wear them - they make my feet too hot.

27. What shirt are you wearing?
A white v-neck t-shirt that I probably bought at Target.

28. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
Wouldn't know, but probably not.  Regular sheets are cold enough when you first get into bed.  Satin must feel like ice!

29. Can you whistle?

30. Favorite color?
Hmm... depends on the day.  Seem to be drawn to purple and green today.

31. Would you be a pirate?
Who says I'm not?

32. What songs do you sing in the shower?
Varies - this morning it was "Another Postcard" by Barenaked Ladies.

33. Favorite girl's name?
Lillian Grace (duh), and Serafina (my Nana's name.  If I have another girl that WILL be her name!)

34. Favorite boy's name?
Jonathan Alexander and Levi Bradleah.  Also partial to Elliot (Levi was almost Elliot, but once we met him, it didn't seem to fit.)

35. What's in your pocket right now?
A business card from a vendor at the bead show I went to a few weeks ago (no, it hasn't been there all this time - picked it up from my dresser this morning.)

36. Last thing that made you laugh?
Levi whacking himself in the head with his cast and saying "Ow!" over and over again.

37. Best bed sheets as a child?
I vaguely recall light blue sheets with clouds on them, but I don't know that they were the best - just the only ones I can remember at the moment.

38. Worst injury you've ever had?
Cracked a bone in my hand when I was in the second grade.  Actually, I had it broken for me by a little brat of a boy named Ronnie Drummand.

39. Do you love where you live?
Definitely - just wish we had a little more land.

40. How many TVs do you have in your house?

42. Who is your most silent friend?
I don't have silent friends.

43. Does someone have a crush on you?
Probably.  Someone usually does.

45. What is your favorite book?
"Sick Puppy" by Carl Hiaasen.

46. What is your favorite candy?
Junior Mints.

47. Favorite Sports Team?
I don't really care as much about sports as I used to (not that I ever cared much, really).  I like the Buckeyes, obviously, and I'm a Browns fan.  I'll root for the Steelers, though, long as they're not playing the Browns or the Bengals.  Oh, and the Columbus Crew.

48. What song do you want played at your funeral?
"I'll Follow You Into the Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie.

49. What were you doing 12 AM last night?

50. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up?
"I should probably shower today..."



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Nov. 30th, 2007 08:37 pm (UTC)
Not to be nosy, but may I ask what happened to Levi's poor arm?
Nov. 30th, 2007 09:10 pm (UTC)
Re: um...
Of course - I'm going to post about it, too. Just haven't gotten around to it yet. He was chasing Jonny and Gracie around the house on Saturday and totally wiped out in the kitchen. Broke both bones in his right arm, just above his wrist. Poor kid has a giant blue cast that goes clear up to his shoulder.
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