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For the first time EVER, I left an electronics store feeling that not only did we not get screwed, but I think maybe we screwed them just a little.  See, Lee and I have been browsing mattresses and refrigerators for months, but always left empty-handed because we couldn't decide what we wanted/needed more, and we didn't want to buy both at once.

A month or so back, we went to hhgregg at Easton and found a really NICE Frigidaire that was an "open box" special marked down from $1699 to $1275.  The only downside was that it was a side-by-side, and I *really* wanted a bottom mount, but stainless steel and 26 cu ft... maybe I could settle.  We asked the sales guy if he could go down any further on the price.  Nope - no way.  "We're only making about $50 on this fridge as it is," and he even took us over to the computer to prove it.  Lee and I waivered, and the sales guy tried to convince us that "at that price, it'll be gone by tomorrow."  (Yeah, right.)  We decided we'd sleep on it, figuring if it was gone when we came back, it wasn't meant to be, and left.

(As an aside, we pretty much only go to hhgregg for stuff like this - they've always treated us well, and we usually get at least a little more off whatever price we've negotiated when Lee mentions he used to deliver for them.)

Fast forward to last night... we arrive at the same hhgregg, and lo and behold, the same fridge - at the same price - is still there.  A manager named Steve came over to introduce himself, and we said we were looking for a refrigerator, but wanted to browse for a bit.  He left us alone (thank goodness).  We shopped all the refrigerators, and kept coming back to the same one.  Lee went to get Steve, and when he got there we said "we know you've had this here for awhile - how badly do you want to get rid of it?"  With no argument, he says $1,099.  Sweet!  $600 off the fridge, plus free delivery and no interest for over a year - SOLD.

He introduces us to a very tall, enthusiastic and energetic man named Ellis to ring out the sale and setup delivery.  This man does not walk, he sprints.  And he doesn't sit... it looks like he's sitting, but I swear he was just sort of hovering over the chair.  Anyway, he gets it all in the computer (Steve had to come override the price), then he asks if we want to look at anything else - maybe mattresses, because they have a great deal going on right now.  At first we said no, and he goes "look, I've never seen a deal on a refrigerator like that in my life.  If Steve has his chopping scissors out... you might get lucky."  Ok, fine - we'll go look.

We'd already narrowed it down to a couple options from previous searches, and we settle on a very comfy Serta that's supposed to be $1699 for a king, which is the size we want.  He does some calculations and says the sale price is $1270 for the set, plus it comes with free delivery and a free frame.  Damn - we almost can't pass that up, and we NEED a new mattress - desperately.  The one we're sleeping on is 10 years old and cost $200 when Lee bought it.  Oh - and it's a queen.  Yuck.  Fine... we'll probably take it, but I wanna talk to Steve first.

We run into Steve as we're walking back to the computer.  "Did you pick out a mattress?" he asks.  I say, "We sure did, but I want the same kinda deal on the mattress that you just gave us on that fridge."  He looks at Ellis, who starts to say "I've already got it down to..." Steve cuts him off and says, "I don't care, give them 20% off across the board."  SWEET!

So, we got a $1699 refrigerator for $1099 (plus free delivery and no interest 'til 2009), and a $1699 king mattress set for $1016 (plus free delivery, a free frame, and no interest 'til 2009).  Oh, and two free Serta sheep. 

Both will be delivered on Sunday.  *does a happy dance*

Oh - and as we were leaving, Ellis said to us, "The other manager is pissed.  All of our sales show up on a prompter, and when I went over for the sheep, he said 'I want to see you as soon as you're done with them.'"  LOL!  He'd better take Steve with him!



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Nov. 10th, 2007 05:24 pm (UTC)
wow cool! poor steve!
Nov. 11th, 2007 02:51 pm (UTC)
Maybe Steve is quitting tomorrow and wasn't treated well while he was there. :)
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