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After staring at this giant blank square for no less than half an hour, I've decided that I am simply not capable of writing an interesting bio, but here are the basics:

- Married to dazeoff55(2/15/02)
- Mama to Jonny (7/2002), Gracie (11/2003), Levi (02/2006), Reagan & Sera (7/2008)
- Operations Director at a kickass design research firm
- Love to cook
- Love to eat (probably more than I should)
- My list of badparent qualifications is long and varied
- Breastfeeding advocate and owner of Mama's Milk Tees
- Libra, oh boy am I a Libra!
- Can also be found on Flikr and Twitter and Facebook

Sometimes I write often, sometimes I don't. When I do write, you're sure to find everything from the mundane to the controversial. I make no apologies. Welcome to my insanity!